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Partner with us and transform your love for travel into earning opportunities. believes in traveling, enjoying, and, at the same time, giving our customers opportunities. That’s why we welcome you as our affiliate partner from your day-one journey.

An affiliate program is where you can earn commissions by suggesting our website to your friends, families, colleagues, and anyone in between. When you become our affiliate partner, you will get your own referral link and placable materials. These can be used to promote our website.

You can place them on websites, emails, or even as a social media post that you share with your friends. Whenever a customer clicks and applies for a visa through that referral link, you will earn a commission.

When you apply for an eVisa, you automatically become our affiliate partner. You get your own referral link, which you can use to earn.

Additionally, we are giving out a QR code for faster referral and a $20 bonus upon your signup. You can cash out your bonus with your first earnings.

Why Become an Affiliate?

Global Visa Coverage
Gain access to a wide range of eVisa services covering numerous destinations worldwide. Expand your earning potential by promoting visa services for popular travel destinations.
Generous Commission Rates
Unlock your earning potential with our competitive commission rates. Earn a rewarding 8% commission on every successful referral.
Localized Marketing Materials
Access a variety of marketing materials made for different regions. Customize your promotional efforts to focus on the specific needs and preferences of your target markets.
Affiliate Support and Guidance
Receive personalized support and guidance from our affiliate team. No matter your industry or the size of your business, we are here to support you.
Timely Updates and Notifications
Stay informed about the latest visa policy changes, updates, and promotions through timely notifications and newsletters. Stay ahead of the curve.

How To Use Affiliate Contents

Join our affiliate program and unlock multiple ways to promote eVisas! When you sign up for an affiliate account, you will be provided with attractive banners and text links. These marketing materials are automatically generated and ready for you to use.

You can use graphic and text links on your website, social media platforms, email campaigns, and any legitimate online presence. Plus, the eVisas site can be advertised through various channels, both online and offline, such as classified ads, magazines, and newspapers.

Use our ready-made graphics and text, or get creative and design your own content. Just ensure your materials meet our guidelines and comply with the Termination section.

Promotion Ideas:

Website Promotion:

Feature a banner ad from eVisas on your travel blog to attract visitors. For example, if you have a blog called “Travel Tips and Guides,” a sidebar banner linking to eVisas would be perfect.

Email Marketing:

Embed a text link in your monthly newsletter, encouraging your readers to explore eVisas for their visa needs. For example, in your newsletter “Explore More,” you can include a section about the benefits of using eVisas and provide a direct link.

Social Media:

Post about eVisas on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter. For example, share a scenic travel photo with a caption like, “Planning your next trip? Get your visa sorted with eVisas! Click the link in our bio for more info.”

Blog Articles:

Write a blog post about the visa application process and recommend eVisas. For instance, in a post titled “How to Easily Apply for Your Travel Visa,” explain how eVisas simplifies the process and include a link to the site.

Offline Advertising:

Place an ad in travel magazines or local newspapers. For instance, a classified ad in “Traveler’s Digest” highlighting the convenience of eVisas and providing the website link can reach a wide audience.

These are the most used promotional mediums. However, you can promote the affiliate materials on any legal platform you want. Don’t forget that the more you promote, the more chances you have to earn more!

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does the eVisa affiliate program work?

Our eVisa affiliate program allows partners like you to earn commissions by referring customers to our eVisa services. Once you sign up for the program, you’ll receive a unique affiliate link to share on your blog, vlog, social media, and other places. When someone clicks on your link and completes a successful eVisa application, you earn a commission.

What kind of commissions do affiliates earn for successful eVisa referrals?

Affiliates earn a competitive commission on each successful eVisa referral. Our program offers attractive commission rates of 8% to ensure that your efforts are generously rewarded.

What marketing materials and resources are available to affiliates?

As an affiliate, you can access various marketing materials and resources, including banners, text links, QR codes, and other promotional resources. These materials help you effectively promote our eVisa services and maximize your referral conversions.

How long is the cookie duration for tracking referrals?

Our affiliate program features an extended cookie duration of 365 days. This ensures that you receive referral credit even if the customer doesn’t make a purchase immediately.

When and how do affiliates receive their commission payouts?

Affiliates receive their commission payouts on a regular schedule, typically monthly. Each successful referral commission can be received 60 days after each sale. Payouts are made promptly, and you can choose your preferred payout method from the affiliate dashboard.

Is there a minimum threshold for receiving commission payouts?

There is no minimum earnings threshold for receiving commission payouts. As soon as you earn commissions through successful referrals, you’ll be eligible to receive payouts.

Are there any restrictions on how affiliates can promote eVisa services?

While we encourage creative and effective promotion of our eVisa services, affiliates must adhere to our program’s terms and conditions. This includes compliance with relevant regulations and ethical marketing practices.

Can affiliates track their referral performance and earnings?

Yes, affiliates can access their performance and earnings from their dashboard. Simply log in with us using your email and password, then move on to the affiliate section; you will be able to see your dashboard.

What support and assistance are provided to affiliates?

We provide dedicated support and assistance to our affiliates, including access to a responsive affiliate manager or support team. Whether you have questions, need guidance, or encounter any issues, we’re here to help you succeed.

How can affiliates maximize their earnings and success with the program?

Affiliates can maximize their earnings and success by promoting our eVisa services to their audience through various channels. This includes blogs, vlogs, articles, and social media posts.