Indonesia eVisa for Pakistani

Pakistani citizens traveling to Indonesia can apply for an eVisa. The eVisa process is faster and takes minimal requirements.

Travelers can choose from Single-entry and Multiple-entry options. The Indonesia eVisa application can be submitted online and does not require you to visit the embassy or consulate.

Once in Indonesia, you can stay consecutively for 60 days. The visa duration is typically 180 days and can be extended upon request. You can consult with our visa consultant for an extension.

You can use the eVisa to visit friends and family, attend meetings, and spend your holidays.

Moreover, the eVisa takes five (5) days to process in most cases. Once the eVisa is ready, it is sent to your email. You can start traveling right away.

You can keep the eVisa on your phone or have a printed copy. Both will get you entry through Indonesian immigration.

To get your Indonesian eVisa, here are the mandatory requirements:
  • A digital copy of your passport (must have six months of validity).
  • A recently taken color passport-size photograph.
  • You need to upload documents showing proof of funds to support your stay in the country, which equals US$2,000.
  • Your travel itinerary information,

Furthermore, children and infants traveling to Indonesia with their families will require a separate visa, even if their passport is included with their parents.

After you submit your application, we will double-check it before processing it. If there are any mistakes, we will contact you and fix them before starting the visa process. This ensures the highest approval rate for us.

Please note public holidays, weekends, and the day of the visa application submission are not included in the processing time.

You can start your eVisa application right away if you have all the required documents ready.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do Pakistani citizens need visas for Indonesia?

Yes, Pakistani citizens need a visa to enter Indonesia. The good news is that Pakistani citizens can apply for an eVisa online. It is the fastest way to travel and does not require visiting the embassy or consulate. 

Can I get an Indonesia eVisa?

Yes, Pakistani citizens can get an Indonesian eVisa by applying online. The process is simple and requires minimal information. Once the eVisa is ready, it will be sent to you via email. 

How long does the Indonesia eVisa take?

The processing time for Indonesian eVisa is around 5 days.

How much is the bank balance required for an Indonesian visa?

To get an Indonesia eVisa, you need to provide your bank statement. You need to have at least US$2,000 or equivalent in your bank account to show that you can provide your stay in Indonesia. 

What documents do I need to travel to Indonesia?

Generally, you will need your valid Pakistani passport with six months of validity, a recently taken passport-size photograph, and proof of funds to stay in Indonesia. You can check the detailed requirements in the requirement section above.

Do I need to submit my passport for an Indonesian visa?

No, you don’t need to submit your physical passport for the Indonesian eVisa. However, you must submit a digital copy of your passport online. 

Is an Indonesian visa stamped on a passport?

No, the Indonesian eVisa is not stamped on your passport. It is an electronic visa that is linked to your passport number. 

Is it difficult to get an Indonesian visa?

Yes, an Indonesian visa is difficult to get. As Indonesia has strict visa requirements, it is hard to get a visa if you make any mistakes during your visa application. You can ask for help from an experienced visa officer if you are unsure about any steps of your Indonesia visa application. 

Can an Indonesian visa be rejected?

Yes. Indonesian visa applications can be rejected. In most cases, if you do not provide the correct information or make mistakes on your application, the visa application will get rejected. You can apply for an Indonesia visa with us if your previous visa application is rejected.