UAE eVisa for Pakistani

Pakistani citizens can apply for a UAE eVisa online. The UAE visa application does require a visit to the embassy or consulate.

With the required documents and information, Pakistani citizens can apply for the UAE eVisa from anywhere in the world.

You can select from Single Entry or Multiple Entry at your convenience. The consecutive stay limit is 30 to 60 days, depending on your choice of visa. We strongly recommend you consult with us before you submit your visa application if you are unsure about the process.

After the visa is approved, it is sent to your email inbox. You can start your travel with the visa saved on your smartphone or with a printed copy.

There are certain requirements to get a UAE eVisa. The requirements are as follows:
  • A completed online visa application form with the required information.
  • A copy of your valid Pakistani passport with at least six (6) months of validity.
  • A recently taken passport-size photograph of yourself.
  • A copy of your Pakistani ID card (CNIC or NICOP).
  • Travel details like the place you will stay, flight tickets, and purpose of visit.
  • A valid email address to receive your eVisa.
  • A payment method to pay your visa fee.

Depending on your profile, you might need to submit additional documents asked by the immigration.

You can ask for consultancy from our visa experts regarding the up-to-date requirements of your visa application. You can also enquire about the latest visa fees.

Consult with Experts

After you submit your online visa application, your visa is processed within 5 – 6 days. We will double-check your application form before processing it. If there are any mistakes, we will inform you and correct them. 

Only after ensuring everything is accurate will we start processing the eVisa application. This ensures the highest rate of visa approval for us. 

The processing time does not include the day you submit your application, public holidays, and weekends.

You can choose your preferred visa type, from 30-day or 60-day visa validity to consecutive stay. Both have Single or Multiple entry options. 

If you want to extend your stay, you can contact us for further information. 

Furthermore, Pakistani citizens transiting through the UAE can apply for a 96-hour (4-day) Transit Visa to enter the country. 

Pakistani citizens with dual nationality must use the same passport to enter and depart. Your name should contain two words: a first name and a last name. 

The date format on your visa application is Day/Month/Year. 

If you have all the required documents ready, you can easily apply for your UAE eVisa right now.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the UAE visa open for Pakistani?

Yes, Pakistani citizens can apply for a UAE visa. The UAE visa application is open to Pakistani citizens, and you can visit the UAE anytime you want.

Can Pakistani passport holders get visa on arrival in Dubai?

No, Pakistani passport holders cannot get visas on arrival in Dubai. You must apply for a visa in advance if you are a Pakistani citizen visiting the UAE.

How to get a Dubai visa from Pakistan?

You can apply for a Dubai visa from Pakistan online. You can apply for your visa from here with the required documents and information.

Do I need bank statement for UAE visa?

A bank statement is not mandatory for a UAE visa.

Can a Pakistani passport with UK residence get a visa on arrival in Dubai?

No, you cannot get a visa upon arrival in Dubai if you have a Pakistani passport. Although you have UK residency, the visa process works on your passport origin.

Is Dubai visa easily available?

Yes, a Dubai visa is easily available. It takes only 5 – 6 days to get your visa.

Can I get Dubai visa in 2 hours?

No, you cannot get a Dubai visa within 2 hours. The minimum time required to get your visa is 5 – 6 days. We suggest you apply as early as two weeks to avoid any inconvenience.